Command Line Interface with Connect ME to Upload Configuration Settings

Within the Digi Connect Users Manual (page 53) is the details for configuring a digi device using the command prompt but I can’t seem to figure things out…thus I’d like to communication with my device using the hypertermal (as it says you can within the users manual)…presently, I have a digi device with an IP address and the digi discovery tool shows that the device is connected to my computer (with an IP address of Then I open up the hypertermal, list as the IP address, but I can’t seem to get an active connection…can someone tell me what I need to do (step-by-step) once I enter the hypertermal?


I believe that to communicate with the device using hyperterm you have to have the serial CLI enabled in the BSP. If you are using a standard carrier board for the connectme then there are two serial ports on the board. One displays the dialog. The second one would display the CLI if it is enabled.

You can also try telnetting into the board from a DOS shell prompt. I believe you can also perform most or all of what you could do from the serial CLI, from the telnet CLI