Dynamic Web Page using <!--#echo var="xyz" -->

I’m trying to create a dynamic webpage using ssi. It’s all working if the variable is a string:

char xyz[16];

SSPEC_RESOURCE_ROOTVAR(“xyz”, xyz, PTR16, “%s”)

Unfortunately in my case I want to paste integer variables into the web page. This is working if I fist turn the integre into string:

sprintf(xyz,“%d”, xyz);

I couldn’t find any reference to SSPEC_RESOURCE_ROOTVAR in the manuals. Is there a way to tell the program to expect an integer instead of a string? What is the PTR16 and “%s” in SSPEC_… there for? I managed to print something that looked like the pointer of the integer to the web page but not the value using

int xyz;
SSPEC_RESOURCE_ROOTVAR(“xyz”, &xyz, PTR16, “%d”)



Finally found the correct section in the manuals. It’s easy. These are the keywords:

� INT8 - single character
� INT16 - 2-byte integer
� PTR16 - string in root memory
� INT32 - 4-byte (long) integer
� FLOAT32 - floating point variable

I just replaced PTR16 and “%s” with INT16 and “%d”. The pointer of the integer variable is required so &xyz was correct.

I wanted to pre-fill text boxes in my html form with the current values of the variables. This works great with:

" >