Edgeport/4 driver for XP/Vista 64 bit

Will be buying new dual core 64 bit laptop this year.

Do you have driver for my Edgeport/4 I need to use with it? I imagine I will be running Vista but maybe XP/SP3.

Regards - Richard

Hello Richard,

Our Edgeport Vista driver is 32-bit. The last I heard, a 64-bit version is expected around the middle of 2008.

Another very interested user here.

Please add me to your master list.

Dana Hynes

Any news on the Vista 64 bit drivers for Edgeport/4?

Regards - Richard


The planned release date is September 2008. Thanks in advance for your patience.


We will add your name to our master list and you will be contacted once it’s released.

Mike Swift

Thanks Mike

Can you add me as well to your master list. I have many of the EdgePort/8 boxes that I need to run under Vista 64bit.

Thanks in Advance,
Chuck Carpenter

Hi Chuck,

We sure will add you to the list.

Take care,
Mike Swift


Hi, I just sent you the drivers via email.

Take care,
Mike Swift


Do these drivers work with EdgePort 416 product? If so can you send me the drivers as well. We have a few EdgePort 416 products here and are moving to Windows XP 64 bit. Thanks.


Hi John,

I’m the one that emailed you the drivers earlier today.

Yes, the drivers will work with all of our Edgeport line of products.

Hope this helps.

Mike Swift