Edgeport/4 drivers for Vista

Does anyone know if drivers are available to support new Windows Vista OS (32bit) for use with Edgeport/4 USB/serial hub. Compatability wizard suggests XP ones won’t work.


k7gil and karl,

I’ve also forwarded your contact information to our sales group. Please let me know if you don’t hear from someone by tomorrow.


I apologize for the delay in getting to this.

We are planning on having a Vista beta driver for our Edgeport line of products by the end of this calendar year.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Mike Swift

how about 64 bit drivers? intel is phasing out their pentium line – 64 bits is here.

you have a buy back program for all these edgeport boxes that no longer work?

Wondering if you could share a date when AnywhereUSB will be supported under Vista. Installing the XP driver, even in compatibility mode, doesn’t currently work. Love the product’s abilities under XP, of course.



I addressed this in another posting. Please contact me directly and I will happily discuss options with you. Email me at mikes@digi.com or 512 306 0600


I am fowarding this to sales and our product manager. Please let me know if no one has contacted you within 2 working days.



Anything new on availibility of drivers, since has been released


Vista is out but still no drivers for Edgeport (not even beta as I know). The problem is in my company because we have Vista installed on every PC and now we need to support old software which uses COM port over EDGEPORT. When can I expect even beta drivers for it? Or is there some way to make Win XP drivers work in Vista?

Best from Slovenia


Still no replay from any one… Please contact me!


Your sales rep should contact you shortly.

Thanks in advance for your patience!


I was wondering if you can tell me when these Edgeport drivers for Vista are available? Is there a beta now?



Hi Garth,

As soon as I get an ETA for the Edgeport Vista driver I’ll be sure to post it in this thread.

Thanks in advance for your patience.


Ok, time is ticking and you still didn’t come out with beta drivers for Edgeport. This is disaster because Vista is officially out for almost whole month. Where is your solution? We are using 12 pieces of Edgeport/4. Projects are waiting for us and we are buying cheep USB to COM converters. Come on. Show a little respect to your customers. I will soon say that I’m sorry for buying your products.
And yes, jeremym I’m waiting from Jan 7 for your sales group to concact me and still no luck. This is really professional.


Anyone wants to buy useless edgeport/4 contact me…

I am somewhat upset to beeing questionned why I upgraded to Vista, so much for support.



If you can wait (and I can completely understand if you can’t) we are going to have Vista drivers by mid march to end of march. I have confirmed this with our engineering group late last week.

I can offer no reasonable excuses on why we didn’t jump on this sooner.

If you don’t want to wait I will do everything that I can to assist you in returning your product to wherever you purchased it from.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime directly...mikes@digi.com

Still no drivers for the Edgeport 4. And no response from techncal support last week when I asked about a delivery date. I went out and bought a Keyspan 4, which has had Vista drivers for some time. Works flawlesly with Vista Ultinate. Will keep one of the Edgeports for backup (in case techical support ever delivers Vista drivers), sell the others on eBay. And stop recommending Edgeport.


I’ve had a Vista driver for about 2 weeks now. I must have not gotten your name on our spreadsheet. I apologize for that.

Please email me at mikes@digi.com and I will be more than happy to email them back to you with instructions.

Take care,


Thanks; sent you an email. But why are the drivers a secret from the forum, the website, and your sales organization? I guess they aren’t, now. What specific edgeports now have Vista drivers? I also have an older 2 port at home. Thanks; Ed.


I got your email. Sales SHOULD know.

It’s not that they are a secret, it’s just that they are not completely “ready for primetime” as the edgeport.exe program is still not fully functional as far as some of the configuration features, nor the uninstall feature of the program.

I am sending them as needed when they are requested by individuals so I can keep a tight control on who has them. There could be some issues if someone has already tried to install older drivers and I want to save people the “pain” of trying to figure out how to clean up their older drivers :slight_smile:

Take care,