Edgeport1 and Vista

Just upgraded to Vista and decided to check for update on drivers for my edgeport 1’s. Can find discussions and what appears to be a beta driver which the text file refrains from mentioning vista but no release drivers? Have they been released or am I missing a beat here?


The Edgeport driver for Vista is currently available as a beta release, which means it’s hasn’t been officially released - in other words, it hasn’t gone through our rigorous quality assurance testing procedure.

Still, based on feedback from customers that have used it so far, and some internal testing, it appears to work well.

This driver can be downloaded here:

Thanks I will try it

Tried today, does not work. So I have 2 scrap Edgeports, which were originally recommended by Raymarine, I have ordered 1 sealevel unit in the hope of a fix. I cannot believe that you are this far out with no stable answer for |Vista!!

I would consider the beta Vista driver stable, as we haven’t come across any problems internally and many customers are using it just fine as well.

With that being said, please give me more details on “does not work” so I can help troubleshoot.