elxr out of memory

Hi all,
i’m working with GHS MULTI IDE for the purpose to port a complex posix application to Integrity OS. I have got a problem during the linking phase, after some time after the beginning of the linker job
i get:

[elxr] error : out of memory

Have you ever had this problem during linking phase?
Some suggestions?

thanks for every answer


elxr is GHS linker. If it complains it’s out of memory it’s because your system is out of memory or due to the linker file error it’s trying to build/link a huge executble that won’t fit in to any reasonable sized memory space.

Hi, thanks for you answer,

yes, it could be true…
By the way my application il very big but it builds with gcc.

So, may be i got some bad elxr linker cofiguration? I’m using the standard one.

I also tried to use linker and compiler optimization but it does’t help, just makes the linking process getting some hour to “finish” (giving out of memory).

I don’t know how elxr works, and the difference between gcc and elxr, so why i can build with gcc and i can’t with elxr?
May be the output executable got a so different building process?

Thank you very much,