Embedded Kit Gateway Viewer Application question

A question about the Embedded Kit Gateway viewer, i am able to click on other devices it has discovered (such as another Xbee Dev. board) and view it’s serial terminal tab to see the data coming to its respective serial port. When i click back to the original device or another device i have viewed before and check it’s serial terminal tab, everything that was there before has been erased. How can i avoid this? I want to be able to keep the data that was originally there when I come back to it. In other words, i want to keep the history. Hope someone can help me please!

Thanks in advance.

The Embedded Kit Gateway Viewer app is designed to:

  1. Loopback data from an RS232 XBee adapter with loopback plug installed

  2. Read temperatures from an XBee 1-Wire Sensor adapter with 1-Wire Temperature Sensor attached.

  3. Demonstrate the usefulness of RCI in a very basic way.

Here is an article about the Embedded Gateway Viewer App:

At the bottom of the article I linked is a link to the source code for the application. Feel free to edit the source however you’d like to suit your needs.

Our python mediawiki also has a number of python code examples. Perhaps this will give you some ideas as well:

Thanks admin. I’ve gone through that article before, but that doesnt answer my question.

Say i did want to view the loopback data from an RS232 adaptor with the loopback plug installed, how could i keep the history of the data that was originally there when i click back on its serial terminal tab?

I’m sure the soure code can be modified to operate for the purpose i wanted? If it works when i connect my own device to its serial port and view the data via the serial terminal tab, shouldnt i be able to modify the source code so that it ouputs my data in the correct format?