Ember ZNet firmwares on XBee series 2 modules

I find that XBee series 2 modules has a chipset “based” on Embed EM250 SoC, a chip that includes a 16-bit, 12Mhz, 128kB microcontroller and a ZigBee 802.15.4 transceiver…

I went to Ember webpage and I found a JumpStart Development Kit that permits to build, with the xIDE and AppBuilder from Ember, custom firmwares for the EM250 chipset.

The million dollar question is, Is it possible to upgrade XBee series 2 modules with these custom firmwares built with Ember tools?, by using the X-CTU tool ?

Thank you for you incoming answers.


You can use the Ember xIDE compiler to build custom firmware images and the Ember programming tools (i.e. InSight Adapter box or USBLink) to load custom firmware onto the XBee. The module has a 2x5 SIF header that the 2x5 header on the Ember programmers (InSight Adapter or USBlink) can connect with to download the image.

If you can convert your custom ebl to a hex file, the XCTU should be able to upload the hex file.

Hope that helps!

Where can I download Ember xIDE ?Is there a trial version for student?

Contact Ember for help with these questions.