Enable switching between both sim slots


I´m trying to configure Digi IX20 to be able to switch between sims if one loses connection to the radiobase and backwards when it connect again.

So far I can´t get te configuration need it, is it possible?

Thanks in advance

Yes, as per the following link: https://www.digi.com/resources/documentation/digidocs/90002381/Default.htm#os/cell-config-t.htm?

If Active SIM slot is set to Any, by default the device uses the SIM slot that was last used or was operational. As an alternative, you can specify a preferred SIM slot.

In the event of a failover to a non-preferred SIM, or if manual SIM switching is used to switch to a non-preferred SIM, the modem will attempt to reconnect to the SIM in the preferred SIM slot