Enabling DHCP support at runtime for WiFi / Ethernet interfaces

I am currently designing a product using the RCM6650W, the design will feature the ability to select (at runtime) which interface to use for a network connection

The user will be able to choose either WiFi, or wired Ethernet

After reading the TCP/IP user’s manual, it appears I may be stuck having to choose a default interface at compile time, which leaves me unable to dynamically choose which interface will be capable of utilizing DHCP…

Am I missing something, or is there a way to dynamically choose which interface to enable DHCP support on at runtime?

Any help is appreciated

Thank you!

You can use ifconfig() for complete control of interfaces at runtime, including ifup/ifdown, static configuration vs. DHCP, support for link local addresses (169.254.x.x), and support for the “ADDP” protocol – a proprietary Digi protocol used to discover and configure network devices via UDP multicast (IIRC) packets.

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