wifi not working on RCM6650W


I have code running on RCM5650W and here my wifi works perfect. Since RCM5650W is obsolete we got a batch of RCM6650W so I built my code for this board type, but now wifi does not work any more. I use wifi to transport files to/from the RCM filesystem (FAT configured). All other things (file system, logic, menus etc) work as before. Does anyone know if there is a problem with wifi on RCM6650W or if it has to be configured in another way? I do according to the documentation:

Really appreciate some help.



Hello, By default on RCM66XX modules Wi-Fi and Ethernet interfaces are enabled. If you are using only the Wi-Fi interface,then disable the Ethernet interface by using the DISABLE_ETHERNET macro.
Then you need to define proper network configuration settings in the application. I suggest that,Pls check the instructions specified in the BROWSELED.C sample application at
C:\DCRABBIT_10.72\Samples\RCM6600W cpip

I hope this helps you.

Thank you.

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Yes, this helped.

I read the text “It’s much easier to use DHCP. In this case, just change the TCPCONFIG definition (below, in this sample) to 5, and everything should “just work”.” in the different example files. I use DHCP and TCPCONFIG 5 so I thought it would work (without using the DISABLE_ETHERNET macro).

Thanks for the help!