RCM6650W WiFi+Ethernet disconnected crashes

I’m using a using a RCM6650W module and adding a simple external circuit to support Wifi and Ethernet simultaneously. Everthing works fine until I disconnect the RJ45 cable. After a few seconds of having WiFi activity the RCM6650W crashes!

It seems to be a firmware bug on the Libraries. I tried with DC10.72 and 10.72a.

Every works fine if a the Ethernet cable is connected, even if there’s not activity at all on that interfase.

Can someone help me?

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Can you test with a MiniCore development board? What program and configuration macros are you using during the test?

We tested the RCM6650W with a development board and it crashed again.

Anyway, we finally detected that the problem was that the power supply was too small.

Thanks for your help.