Error fetching meta-imx

I am building a dey-3.2 image using the source files provided by digi
During repo sync, the following error is showed

“Cannot fetch meta-imx.git from git://”

After checking the above source, it led me to the website codeaurora indicating that the website is being shut down and the source is moved to NXP GitHub repo.
I just want to confirm if it is okay to use the meta-imx (meta-imx in NXP Github) as a substitute repository in place of codeaurora?
Else, please recommend a solution to resolve this as we cannot change the dey version for we have come a long way ahead in our development with dey-3.2. is dead. GitHub needs to be used instead. We updated the manifests. It should be working now, update using:

repo init -u -b gatesgarth
$ repo sync -j8 --no-repo-verify