error message on serial

I use Digi Me. I have communication interface on serial port . Some times Digi system is halted and give message on serial port.
Messsage is:“Abort Exception CONTEXT: TRREAD Thread Name: HSV Thread ID:54485244”
It is turn back by resting pin or power down.

I send my last findings.
My communication port is com0 and debug communication port is com1(on jtag port). Error message came from com0, all other mesages come from com1.
I have 15 theads and last thread is HSV. first 12 treads are digi own treads, 13 and 14 threads are modbus tcp and modbus rtu threads.


You are getting an abort exception. HSV thread is the HTTP server thread. I think the abort exception may be due to a stack overflow, but I am not sure about that and I don’t know how to check it.

I have usually found that error to be due to uninitialised variables in the webpage_v.c file - typically because I haven’t ‘fleshed out’ the stub routines generated by PBuilder (and sometimes because of bugs in my routines)

Thank you steved, you helped me solve my problem.

I was also having an abort problem. I am using a function to get the string type data to fill in a form, I was reading it from NVRAM and, due to an error, it was not ‘\0’ terminated. That caused my system crash.