Error when erase Connet ME .NET MF

I am newbie

I have Digi Connect ME .NET MF without Digi JumpStart Kit.
I connet to Ethernet port on my PC with croseover cable
I would like to use it with Visual Studio and C#.

When click “Erase” with MF Deploy follow error occurs

“Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

I connet to Ethernet port on my PC

1.What could be wrong?
2.Where to find pinout for cable ( RJ 45 to PC Lan card)
When I ping module, every thing look fine.

Looking forward to get some help!

Im not familiar with .NET module.
But Im a bit familiar with C# and I have one question are you runnig directly debugger?

I know that DIGI have two types of .NET modules. The first one is intended for developing and you can use it for develop (debugging). The second one is intended for production only and you cant debug it. Maybe your module is the second one possibility. Try only load the SW in without debugging.