Installation problems .NET MF

Hi all,

I just got my Connect ME .NET MF Jumpstart Kit. I have the following issues:

  • My development PC has XP SP3. This prevents the MF 2.0SP1 SDK from installing with the error message “XP SP2 or Win2003 required”
  • So, I installed the 2.5 SDK, but it doesn’t seem to work well with ME module. I guess its because the module has MF 2.0 pre-installed when shipped from factory.
  • I managed to find the firmware for MF 2.5 for my module (Not an easy task btw. It is so well hidden in the Digi site, I haven’t been able to find it again…). But it is poorly documented, only containing two folders; “developer” and “production”. The flashing procedure follows through, but then fails during verification. That goes for both “dev” and “prod”.

So I’m stuck between worlds! There is still an option I haven’t tried yet, and that is to downgrade my PC to SP2, an action I’d really like to avoid.

Any suggestions are kindly welcome.


I haven’t seen the issue with Conenct ME .NET MF JSK’s not installing properly on WinXP SP3 (that’s what I use). You shouldn’t have a problem installing it.

Either way, .NET MF 2.0 is a very old version of the module (almost a year). You’ll want to talk to your sales person about getting an upgrade to v2.5 of the module.

A major problem with the v2.0 module is that they cannot be upgraded, that’s why you were not able to do so. The new versions, however, are easily upgraded and the directions are built into the VS2005 help.

I would not downgrade my OS, I would see about getting a new module with new software to go with it.

Well, that pi**es me off! I buy a brand new evaluation kit, and its outdated even before I can evaluate it. And what’s worse is that I can’t upgrade it!

This makes me reconsider Digi as a professional solution… I already have an XPort module waiting for evaluation.

I will give my supplier (Farnell) a chance to replace the module. If that fails, I’ll go for the Lantronix solution.


Please contact Digi technical support through the Digi support website and we will make sure you that you receive the proper kit components for .NET MF v2.5.

Ok, now I have settled down a bit. Sorry about flaming away like that… had a bad day I guess.
I will contact support as suggested to get a new module.

Regards, Eriond