[Digi Connect ME with MF] Purchase single modules DC-ME-01T-MF and develop


I recently discovered MicroFramework and would like to experiment with it for hobbyist projects.
I am currently hesitating between Digi Connect ME or competitor product Embedded Master Module from GHI Electronics (I know physical form factor is different).
I would rather prefer the Digi product because of simple form factor which would be more easy to integrate in the the simple projects I have in mind for now.

1st question :
I live in France and was yet unable to find a way to purchase DC-ME-01T-MF standalone. Only Jumpstartkit is available on Digi european online store. Farnell does have Jumpstart kit too and NON MF modules (Net+OS or Linux).
Can somebody points me to resellers in EEC ? (I don’t want to purchase outside of EEC)

2nd question :
I am under the impression that it is impossible to start evaluating, develop, debug, deploy… without the Jumpstart kit because of :

Considered competitors seems to offer downloadable SDK and development/debug/deploy support through serial connection.

(Note: the reference to the competition is not to put any kind of “pressure”).




You are correct that the Digi JumpStart Kit is required to evaluate the product and start development. Pricing is very competitve.

The module included in the kit is the development variant of the module, which is based on Microsoft’s concept of production and development modules.

Please contact our French office for additional details, including where to buy information: