Do I really need the JumpStart Kit

I am planning to develop a very simple application to use with Digi Connect ME 921 (Linux version).

Do I really need that JumpStart Kit ?

Can the module be flashed without this kit (via Ethernet or Serial) ?

Is Digi Embedded Linux DVD found somewhere in the internet ?

(I understand that to get the module up and running I will need the power supply, TTL/232 conversion and suitable connector)

Without the JSK you wont get Connect ME 9210 BSP.
You have to buy it seperately from Digi.
Better to buy JSK than having pain later.
Digi Connect ME runs has uboot. Module is flashed via Ethernet usually. Serial transfer is slow.
With ESP you can boot OS and run your application via NFS which can save considerable flashwrites which happens in development phase.

Thanks for the info