Problems with the Connection DigiConnect ME9210

I have a Digi JumpStart Kit.
It´s a Digi Connect ME 9210.
My problem is the following.
I want to connect the board with my computer. So I connect the serial port 1 from the board to my computer an I connect the Ethernet.
Now the problem when I start the programm DigiESP i can connect the board but in the pdf “Build your first Application” stand that I must see the boot message. I can’t see the boot message.
So I checked the serial communication with another program. It is called hterm. On hterm I can see the boot messages.

So why I can see the boot messages in the terminal window from DigiESP?

And I have a another problem. I can’t find the IP Adress from the board. I now the IP adress but when I wanne ping it from the terminal I got a error message.
The error message is : Destination Host Unreachable.
The board and my computer have the same network adress.
So they know eacht other.

Can somebody help me to fix this problems?


Have you looked at section 2.5 Open and Configure a Serial Terminal on the Digi ESP for Embedded Linux Getting started section. This section has all the configuration parameters for the serial port.

The next section of the same guide section 2.6 Configure the Target’s network parameters, discusses how to setup all the network parameters on your target and also verified that you have save them.

Are you sure you are following this guide lines

I think you have missed something in the configuration.

If it does not solve the issue let us know I have detailed configuration in hard copy will send you pics.

No I do the configuration like it is describe in the pdf Build your first Application.
I think the problem is the following.
I only have the version 5.2 from DigiESP. This version only runs under Ubuntu 9.04.
But Ubuntu 9.04 isn’t realsed anymore. So it was realy difficult to install java on this Ubuntu version. So I think I didn’t install java completly.
The best think should be that I get the newest version of DigiESP.
Do you know where I can get the newest version?

For Digi Connect (Wi-)ME 9210 the latest Digi Embedded Linux release is DEL-5.7.2

Please contact your Digi distributor to get and update for the latest release.

DEL-5.2 and DEL-5.7 comes on a Ubuntu 12.04 LiveDVD and the Eclipse/Java ESP was tested with this distribution only.

If you use older/newer or other Linux distributions you are on your own to fix issues with the ESP.