DC-WEM-KT getting started problem

I have a DC-WEM-KT on my desk, but I’m not the first user of the board. A former colleague of mine has played with the board about an year ago, he left the company some weeks ago, so nobody knows what is in the embedded module’s flash.
I started to read the kit’s documentation, I went through the Getting started guide and noticed that when I have to enter the IP settings through the hyper terminal, the board does not send any data to the PC. I tried to restore the default configuration by pressing the soft reset switch for 20 seconds at power-up (as described in the embedded module hardware reference guide), but this action did not lead to any success. I built and loaded the "Hello world " application as described in the Getting started guide, but I don’t see any data to the hyper terminal. I use the 9600 8-N-1 settings of the hyper terminal.

Do you have any suggestions what the problem could be?

Thank you in advance for your help!

I will assume that your module has a Jtag interface connector and you have a Digi development board. You may want to open the Digi ESP and create a new Basic Sample application. Be sure to verify the following settings in the project’s properties window.

NET+OS - Options tab
Select bsp_serial.h Options
Serial Port 1 Driver - UART Driver

Select bsp_sys.h Options
Dialog Port - Serial Paort A
STDIO Port - Serial Port A
Dialog Baud Rate - 9600

Build and run the application in the DEBUG mode from the ESP. With the serial ports settings shown above, the module should display a dialog menu in the Serial COM1 window of the ESP (or hyperTerminal if being used instead of the ESP).

Check your serial cable and make sure it’s the cable provided with the kit or that it’s a null modem cable. Then it’s just a matter of making sure com1 is really the port you’ve connected the serial cable too (you can use a loop back adapter and hyper terminal, or try to connect pins 2 and 3 together). Then, just make sure you have the right port specified in your projects properties.