problem at the beginning (Hyperterminal)!

Dear all,
Although I fallow the instructions, I cannot see any thing at the Hyperterminal window. Could you please give me some advice… I am new in this area.
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Please provide more detail regarding your problem.

  1. What hardware product are you working with, e.g. Connect ME, Connect EM, etc?
  2. What software product are you working with, e.g. Integration or Development kit?
  3. What is the part number of the Connect device you are working with?


Thanks for the quick answer. I use Digi Connect ME with development kit, the part number is V535Q1837. I repeat the question: I don’t see anything in the Hyperterminal window.
best regards


I undertand your question, however, the behavior of our product can differ between the Intergration and Development kits. Hence my questions.

Here are a few more questions:

  1. What is the part number of the Connect ME module, itself? This number if printed on the modules label, i.e. 50000878-04.
  2. To which serial port, of the development board are you connecting your serial cable? The proper port is serial port 1 (as labeled on the board itself).
  3. Are you using one of the cables provided with the development kit or one of your own? If it is a cable that came with the kit, please provide the part number, printed on the cable’s label.
  4. Are you having problems getting serial output when attempting to debug an application or are you simply trying to power up the module so as to start the default image?

In the spirit of getting this problem resolved as quickly as possible I suggest you contact us directly, by phone or e-mail.

Support e-mail:
Support phone (U.S.) +1-952-912-3456
Support phone (Europe) +49-231-97-47-0


I answer your questions as possible as I can:
1-)The part number is 50000878-04 , 50000878-01
2-)I use proper port, serial port 1
3-)There are the numbers that I use: for the serial port cable 63000058-01 , and for the ethernet cables 63000042-01 ,63000070-01
4-)My problem is: Although I connect all the cables correctly at the beginning, when I start hyperterminal I can not see anything, for instance network interface parameters and hardware parameters as explained at the reference book that comes with the kit.
According to the book, I can change some parameters but I can not change because I don not see anything.
My questions:
1-) Although I use protection against electrostatic discharge, is it possible to damage the device? If possible, how can I understand that the device is damaged? Is there any point (pin, jumper) that I can check?
2-)I fallow the instructions as explained at the reference book while I installing the software. Is the problem related with the software? If so , what I should do ?