Getting HyperTerminal to work

Guys, I have the Digi ME devkit and simply cannot get hyperterminal up and running. Of course the settings are all in there correctly at 9600bps, 8-bit, 1 stopbit, no parity, no flow control.

I am using the supplied serial cable. (Is it a standard or custom btw).

Just to see if HT is working, use a paperclip and short pins 2 and 3 on the end of the cable to see if you get an echo.

A common problem with HT is the wrong COM port (HyperTerminal’s user interface is VERY poorly written), make sure you are using the right one. If you need a COM port enumerator, I have one on my personal web site:


Ok I shorted pins 2 and 3 but to no avail, I did not see any characters echoed on the screen. I used your program to ascertain I was indeed using the right COM port (1).

Hmmm…is there a firmware upgrade that is required just to even use HyperTerminal? I believe my module contains version B.

And not sure if this is related or not, but I cant seem to use LPT either with the gdb, it gives me a “Connection refused on port 8888” error. And yes I am using OcdLibRemote.

I am very confused.

Windows 2000 laptop

Well, it has nothing to do with the ME if you aren’t getting the echo. Hmmm…

Just for grins and giggles…
Let’s step through the HyperTerminal settings one step at a time:

  1. New Connection - name it something.
  2. Connect To - Change “Connect Using” to COM1. Click on OK.
  3. On Properties, change Flow Control to “None”. Click on OK.
  4. Click on the little telephone that is on the toolbar. The connected indicator on the status bar (bottom) should start counting up.
  5. Short pins 2 and 3 together on the end of the serial cable. The pin numbers should be on the connector, but are very hard to see. The arrangement is like this for a male end:
    1 2 3 4 5
    6 7 8 9
  6. Type something - it should echo. If not, then there is something wrong with your PC’s serial port.


Unfortunately no echo when tying together pins 2 and 3…

I verified HyperTerminal is working by accessing the console port of a Cisco router which I own. I could access it perfectly.

About the RS232 cable that comes with the devkit – I do believe its a null modem cable. Maybe I need a new on of those. I will look into it.

Thanks btw.