Where can I purchase ME-MF modules (not kit)

Am I to understand that the ME-MF module only come with the Micro Framework development kit? I have looked all over Digi International’s website and several Connect ME supplier’s too, and I cannot find the MF modules for sale separately from the development kit. This makes no sense at all to me, since apparently MF programs can only be loaded on MF modules (not -C or -S).

I too am interested in how to either purchase ME-MF modules or get a -C module and flash it with the .NET MF firmware…

Modules for the .NET Micro Framework will be made available in two versions:

  1. Part number DC-ME-01T-MF2-VS is a module is to be used for development, with Visual Studio. This is the same module which is provided as part of the Digi JumpStart Kit for .NET MF. This particular part has not, yet, been made available seperately.

  2. Part numbers DC-ME-01T-MS2, DC-ME-01T-MF2-10 and DC-ME-01T-MF2-50 are single, 10- and 50-packs (respectively) of the Connect ME module to be used for your product deployment. The MFDeploy tool is used to program these units and they contain feature enhancements which prevent end-user and hackers from overwriting the application, once in the field. The 10- and 50- pack part numbner have been released and will be made available through our distribution channel in the next several days.

Please feel free to contact your Digi sales representative, should you have any further questions.

(877) 921-3444 (option 2, for sales).