ESP Project Open issue

I am new to the Eclipse/PyDev environment and have been trying to get a sample demo app running to move data from one of my X4s to iDigi and then access the iDigi data stream contents with a different Python app running on my PC. I am using the current Digi ESP 2.1.0 tool set.

I have had varied success with the X4 app and accessing the data stream. My current, very frustrating issue is that the ESP tools will not allow me to open projects that I had previosuly used, closed and deleted from the PyDev workspace explorer window (source files are still on the drive). I deleted the projects from the ESP PyDev workspace explorer window due to problems/confussion I had trying to get the proper project in the workspace to run. When I go to the Project menu, the Open Project item is always greyed out.

How can I open my saved projects??? I’m really pulling my hair out trying to do this basic task!




Can you try:

1.) File -> Import…
2.) Select General -> Existing Projects Into Workspace
3.) Click Next
4.) Browse to the root directory of your project
5.) Click Open
6.) You should see your existing project in the list
7.) Click Finish

And hopefully at this point the project now shows back up in the package explorer.



Thanks for the help. This did allow me to import the prior workspace and projects. After playing around some more I think I understand better the workspace/project heirarchy and the sensitivities for the Project | Open/Close menu items based on the context of the last mouse click selection.