Exiting Command Mode

I am using several XBee Pro XSC (3SB)'s running @ 9600 for point to multiple points and using AT command mode to change DT. This works but I cannot exit command mode using ATCN I have to use Command time out because what ever I am doing with the AT CN sequence does not seem to work. I am probably making a dumb mistake somewhere but am not sure what that might be. The code for the module is generated via VB6 and sends the commands in Hex.
I.E. 41 54 43 4E . I get the proper information returned from each point but could speed the process by getting the exit command mode to work. I have reduced guard times and command time outs but that is just a band aid.

You can whether the module is responding properly manually using x-ctu.
In the Terminal of x-ctu, issue the command ATCN and see whether it works.