Invalid Command Sequence

For reason unknown even to myself I felt like changing the Command Sequence character from the default “+” to “-”. Because I run Linux, I was manually typing the AT commands into a terminal instead of using the fancy tool which is for windows only. When I typed the command in I made a little mistake:


Obviously the “-” should have been “0x2D” and now this module will not enter Command Mode. I have tried “+++” and “—” but neither work. The module still functions fine I’m just stuck with the current settings.

Is there a default/backup command sequence character or perhaps a way to reset the settings to factory? Any help would be much appreciated.


You can restore the module to default settings from X-CTU.
Go to Modem Configuration tab and click “Restore”, If “Action Required” window pop up, press the reset button on the board once. Now go to Terminal and issue +++, an OK response is returned.