Explicit Transmit API frame (0x11) and no confirmation

Hi all,

I am sending Explicit Transmit API frame (0x11) frames using XCTU and the frame generator tool within it while my device is in API=2 mode. I am not getting any confirmation that the packets are being sent and when I sniff the network, there are no packets over the air.

Instead, over the air I see that my device is spamming the coordinator with data requests (63 88 D4 89 17 00 00 A2 B0 04 FF FF)

What are the conditions for (0x11) frame to be sent? Why am I getting absolutely no response? Note, I made sure to send to UART once every second so I’m still in API mode, and other commands (AT commands) give me responses.

The explicit frame is for sending ZDO or Zigbee Device Objects back and forth between applications and nodes. They must be properly formatted for you to see them come out the UART on a receiving module. They may also perform specific functions on the module depending on the ZDO request.

I recently had this problem and I think one problem is that you might not have the right security privileges you should read up here https://digi-se.appspot.com/edocs/certificate/certificate.html.

Let me know some more details if you want more specific help.