Problem communicat​ing with API Explicit frame

I am using the Xbee Pro S2 module. There has been some minor problems and I am seeking for the solution.

I have two Xbee module communicating to each other…For now I have connected one module to the Laptop and another to nearby PC, through XCTU.

Now I am sending a API Explicit command frame from the module(End Device) to another(Coordinator). This explicit command frame, belongs to the Home Automation Profile(profile ID 0x0104) and uses the read attribute command(ID 0x00) to read the attributes of the Basic cluster(cluster ID 0x0000). Below is the details of the API frame that I am using:
0x00 0x13 0xA2 0x00 0x40 0x49 0xAA 0x32 64-bit address of the coordinator
0x00 0x00 Network address of the coordinator
0xE8 Source endpoint (Default endpoint {Digi data endpoint})
0xE8 Destination endpoint (Default endpoint {Didi data endpoint})
0x00 00 Cluster ID (Basic Cluster ID)
0x01 04 Profile ID(0x0104 for Home Automation)
0x00 Frame Control
0x02 Transaction sequence
0x00 Command ID(Read Attribute)
0x00 00 ZCL version attribute(attribute ID-> 0x0000)

Transmit status frame recieved to the client side is
0x7E 00 07 8B 02 00 00 00 00 00 72 –> which only says about that transmission is successful without any overhead.
PROB: I was expecting a response frame(read attribute response command frame) indicating the value of the attribute inquired

Received packet on the Server Side was:
0x7E 00 17 91 00 13 A2 00 40 68 F5 C5 4F AA E8 E8 00 00
0xC1 05 Now the packet Profile ID has been changed to some manufacturer specified Profile –> PROB: why is it now showing Profile ID (0x0104) of the home automation profile
0x01 packet acknowledged
0x00 02 00 00 00 –> correct frame control, correct transaction number, correct command and correct attribute
PROB: now you see that the correct command sequence is received but the the correct response is not generated
0xC5 checksum

some further clarifications I was seeking was that:
a) If the default endpoints (0xE8) are creating the problems.
b) Is the commissioning cluster (cluster ID 0x0015) necessary before staring up the Home automation profile…because all the parameters is being set by the XCTU itself.
c) How to actually register a endpoint. Xbee pro doc says everything about addressing to the endpoint but no way to actually register any endpoint. so how does ZDO commands like ActiveEndPoint request(Cluster ID 0x0005) actually works?? Thus how we exactly commission endpoints in the Xbee.

Kindly revert back with the solutions.

Regards and Thanks