How to determine which XBee end point is sending api frame (change detect)


I’m getting API frames from two XBee end points that are communicating with the coordinator XBee - whenever there’s a change detect.

These API frames are identical for both XBees (16 bit RX received packet) - there’s no MAC address or other means of determining which of the XBees are actually communicating with the coordinator.

Is there a way to identify which of the XBees are sending the API frame? Such as getting the MAC address into the mix or something similar.

Your 16 bit receive packet includes the MY value of the radio that is sending the data. If you check your remote modules you will find that one of them will have that 16 bit value.

Thank you. Is there a way to configure this without having to use XCTU? No biggie if there isn’t, just curious.

Thank you very much.

Sure. Just connect them to your PC and use any terminal emulator to enter command mode (+++) and issue the MY command after you get the OK (ATMY) and then issue the ATCN command to exit command mode.