export data through Modbus on a X4-Z11-A01H-EU


We need to interface a X4-Z11-A01H-EU (ConnectPort X4) gateway to a XA-Z14-CS4P-W in order to collect data from some I/Os and then send these data through a Modbus TCP connection.
Does it suffice a configuration of the X4-Z11-A01H-EU for doing that, or do we need to write a custom python program?


You didn’t mention if you have tried the ‘iDigi/Dia’ frame work (see www.idigi.com), but I created a code-base which allows Modbus/TCP master/clients to query the X4, and return data from the Digi XBee adapters. (In you case, the DIO, right?)

Take a look at these pages.

The DIO isn’t listed, but it has been added.

There will be a learning curve to the iDigi/Dia path. You can also create your own code, leveraging the multi-master Modbus engine already in the X4. So you do NOT need to handle the complexity of multi-master and timing. The X4 does that for you.

Instead, you’d just create a simple Python app which waits on a localhost port (like 8502), which you enable in the X4’s modbus engine.

Hi Lynni,

  1. Is this your add-on ?

  2. Digi support told me that the Modbus Dia Server doesn’t work in a mesh zigbee network. Can you confirm that, or does your add-on resolve this problem, providing support for a mesh network too?

thanks for your help