Fast xmem Access

I am working on a project that uses 2 C3088 camera modules and runs a stereo vision algorithm on the images they gather. Naturally this requires a very large amount of space to store and process the images (each image is 25344 bytes).

I have successfully stored the images in xmem and processed them, but the algorithm is taking much too long. I have pinpointed that this is because I have to repeatedly access xmem to get the pixel values and to store the results. I am using the root2xmem and xmem2root functions and am usually grabbing or storing 176 bytes at a time.

My question is whether there is any way to speed up the process of getting data from and storing data to xmem.

I am using the Power Core 3800 Development Kit and Dynamic C 9.20.

Thanks in advance for any tips or info you can provide,