FAT 8.3 filename bug?

I am using the FAT module on an RCM3305 RabbitCore with DC 9.5.

It seems that files in the root may have up to 12 characters in their filename (including the “.”); but files in a subdirectory may only have 9 (sometimes 10).

Using FTP Server, I can create files with names like “f2345678.xml” in the root, but I get an error 22 if I try that in a subdirectory.

In a subdirectory I can create 9 character names like. . .

but not 10 character names like. . .

however I CAN create this 10 character name!

What gives?

  • Audi

If the title of this “thread” intrigued you enough to read this far, then you’ll probably be interested in these two bits of information. . .

  1. I am disappointed in the lack of a response from anyone at Rabbit.

  2. To fix the problem, I overrode the SSPEC_MAXNAME as follows:

#define SSPEC_MAXNAME 24 // defaults to 20

  • am