Fat system with Rabbitweb .zhtml content

Hi, i need help with this problem please.

I have a fat system into sd card in RCM4300, and i need to include .zhtml script files, but i just read that FAT 16 system doesn�t support long name files or extension (it must be 8.3) and .zhtml has 5. I don�t know how to do…, someone can help me with this?.


this is something i found … on some forum…

The ZHTML format is handled internally by the Rabbit, you can make that extension whatever
you want it to be. Just declare the extension you intend to use. For instance, if you wanted to use
‘zht’ as your 8.3 extension, then you use something like the following SSPEC_MIMETABLE declaration:

// This table maps file extensions to the appropriate “MIME” type. This is
// needed for the HTTP server.
SSPEC_MIME_FUNC(“.zht”, “text/html”, zhtml_handler),
SSPEC_MIME(“.htm”, “text/html”),
SSPEC_MIME(“.cgi”, “”),
SSPEC_MIME(“.gif”, “image/gif”),

Bill Sprouse
Rabbit Engineering
Digi International, Inc.

as you can see…it is possible to give a .zhtml a shorter extension, .zht in this case. And this came from Bill Sprouse at Rabbit Engineering, not me…
maybe this helps…

It initializes the TCP/IP networking system. sspec_automount() . … The easiest way to introduce dynamic content is to use RabbitWeb and the associated scripting … Chapter 5 describes RabbitWeb and the scripting language, ZHTML, in detail. … These are needed by Zserver to work with the FAT filesystem.