Fedora Core 5 vs. DGAP-1.2

I would like to migrate an Xr 920 from a Sun system to my Fedora Core 5 (x86) system. Building the driver consistently blows up on dgap_driver.c lines 71-73 ("expected ‘)’ before string constant).

The last response to a question on FC4 was a terse “Digi currently does not have a driver for this product/Linux distribution version.” on 11/17/2005. Has anyone come up with a corrected driver? (Google doesn’t think so.) If not, then what’s making the compiler unhappy?

Digi has a pre-release/beta DGAP driver which will work with Fedora Core 5, but you’ll have to create an online support request with Technical Support in order to get a copy of it. Here is a link to the Online Support Request Form for your convenience: