Fenestrae Faxination and DIGI fax board

Hello all,

I’m having this problem: at the destination fax machine my faxes appear shrinked. The faxes are not displayed correctly on a A4 format page. Is like someone shrinked the the whole fax page in the middle? Can anyone help me with this issue?

My present environment is this:
-Fenestrae Faxination v4.11
-MS Windows 2000 Server
-MS Exchange 2000 Server


Digi does not have a “Fax board”. You may be referring to the AccelePort RAS adapter. If true, please verify these 3 things:

  1. You have correctly installed driver version 5.0.314.0.
  2. You have the updated firmware “M2” or newer installed.
  3. You have configured the fax program to use only Fax Class 2 or 2.0. Class 1 faxing is NOT supported by the AccelePort RAS adapter. NOTE: If Class 1 fax support is required, you should consider the USB product Rapidport which does support Class 1 faxing.