File upload support via application on different device

Hi ,
I am facing issue where in PC(or embedded device) through some programming want to upload the file to firmware folder of Xbee “/userfs/firmware/xbee” which would be useful for any fw updates.

I could create SSH connection and might need to execute Scp command or similar but wanted SFTP or similar wherein PC becomes client and uploads the file to said location. But it seems SFTP Is not supported by Xbee Industrial Gateway as connection is being refused.

Any way to deal with this?
(Would need to do via programmatically rather using Web Interface file upload mechanism manually)
(Executing scp command would not be clean and needs further authentication which needs to be avoided)

The XBee folder you are referring to is for XBee firmware updates and not for other devices. If you want to add 3rd party files, then I would suggest creating a new folder in the firmware folder for that product/files.