Where do I upload firmware to update the gateway's xbee firmware?

I have an off-site Connectport x4 gateway with an xbee s3b (900Mhz) radio that communicates with another s3b radio in the field. Ideally, I want to update both xbees’ firmware. I guess I actually have 2 questions:

  1. Where on the gateway do I upload firmware files for the xbee? I see the “Update Firmware” under Administration on the web UI, but I think that’s for the gateway’s only. Can I upload it under the Python files?

  2. If I update the gateway’s xbee’s firmware, but not the xbee’s that is out in the field, will the 2 radios still be able to communicate?


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If the XBee module supports that function with the firmware installed, it will most likely be under the XBee section.

If you just updated it with the same type just a different version, IE from 8070 to 8071, and you are using the default settings (115.2kbps and API enabled) then the answer is yes.

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