firmware update with arduino

Hello, I am trying to update the firmware of a XBee module, current firmware 1084.
I am using an Arduino board with the atmega chip removed, and the XBee is mounted onto an Arduino XBee shield
I can set parameters but I am having no success in updating the firmware of the module:

“Getting modem type… Failed to enter command mode
… Write parameters… Failed”

Any hint?

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Is the Xbee connected to the PC?

It is doubtful the firmare can be updated wirelessly while connected to an Arduino shield. You’ll likely need to connect it directly to the PC running XCTU (serial or USB).

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The arduino is connected with USB to the PC, and on the arduino there’s the XBee shield and the XBee.

To my knowledge, you won’t be able to update the Xbee via the Arduino USB connection.

You will need to remove the XBee from the shield and place it in a USB XBIB/FTDI connection or a Serial XBIB board and connect it directly to the PC in order to update the firmware.

Aside from this, the only other way I know of to update the firmware is by using a ConnectPort X coordinator unit to perform OTA updates.

Thank you.
I asked because I found some hints about upgrading firmware with the Arduino, connecting the RTS line of the XBee to the RTS line of the arduino:
but it did not work for me.

When updating via the Arduino with XBee shield, which of the XBee’s RS232 pins are actually connected? I’m assuming Rx, Tx, Signal Ground, but what else is pinned into the cable or interface?

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