Update XBee firmware through MCU

How do I update the firmware of the XBee modules through an external MCU? They are connected through UART.

The XCTU software seems to hide the exact sequence behind a spiffy gui. I believe there is an accessible bootloader through which the XBee firmware is updated. What I can’t seem to confirm is how to connect to it. i.e. The sequence of pin toggling and/or data transmissions.

I have several XBee modules connected to a MCU on a board inside a device and they’re scattered throughout the country. It would not be feasible to access/retrieve, open, and solder a connection header on each device in order to program each XBee module one by one. However, I can remotely update the MCU firmware. So I’m looking to update the XBee firmware by first loading a special-purpose firmware to the MCU.

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Hopefully this helps a bit…