filtering IP packets

is there same example application for filtering IP packets?

thank very much, michal

I have already solve this problem, if anyone interested, write me.


hi I am using netos 6.3 with connectem module.
I am runing modbus tcp ip on it but when I introduce noise
it handles only 3% i need at least 7-8% this can be done by
filtering some of the noise packets. If there is not much trouble can you send me the solution that you got for filtering the packets.

in my case, I did simple filter, which is enabled at the start time of NETOS (bsproot.c - function netosStartup()). I filter every packet and just one dedicated
There is data structures ethPacketType for IP, ARP and RARP protocol (eth_stack.c). Playing with data within these structures is possible to start and stop packet filtering. I am not sure, if it’s possible to change during application running. There is some time past I have played with this.

regards, Michal