Ethernet sniffer

Hi all, I have derived a program from the Ethernet Bypass sample.

Everything work, I can catch packets by means of registering a custom filter thru NAEthRegisterCustomPacketFn().

Only problem I have is that I only catch broadcast messages or messages directed at the board and I need to be able to inspect anything that goes past the ethernet.

Any ideas on how to get all the packets to present themselfs to me.


Hi Derwee,
are you sure you are not connected to a switch that is filtering packets that are not broadcast or not addressed to you ip?

That was my initial reaction that a network device is filtering my packets, currently I am running with a crossover cable with no success yet

The ethernet MAC has to be put in promiscuous mode otherwise it will filter out all packets that have foreign destination MAC. I believe there is a bit in some Ethernet configuration register that you can set to accomplish that.

Thanks, I’ll go hunting for it and let you know

DId you find the solution?


Nope no luck, so at the end of the day we changed the design to be more specific in addressing…