Raw Ethernet packet input/output

Hi,I’m using ConnectME module, the NetOS version is 6.3. I met 2 problems: Problem 1: Ethernet packet output Using na_eth_sand() or NAEthBypassTransmit() to output Ethernet packet, the source MAC address is replaced by ConnectME’s own MAC address. ****************************** Problem 2: Ethernet packet input The input Ethernet packets are only broadcast packets or packets which destination MAC address is ConnectME’s own MAC address. What I did for receiving Ethernet packet is register 2 routines customFilterFn and customRecvFn by NAEthRegisterCustomPacketFn, and receive Ethernet packet in customFilterFn. Once received a packet, customFilterFn return ethFilterActionForward. My code is built on the example naftpapp, the ftp server works. I set a breakpoint in customFilterFn to check what packet it received. When I simply watch what packet received, I found they are all broadcast packets meanwhile there are lots of Ethernet packets over the network. Then I ping ConnectME’s MAC address, customFilterFn received the packet. But when I ping other MAC address, customFilterFn doesn’t receive it. This means ConnectME only receive broadcast packets or the packets of its own MAC address as destination address. I guess in MAC layer, there is a setting make Ethernet driver doing like this. I try to find how to set it receive all packets, But I didn’t find the way to do it. ****************************** These two problems have a kind of relationship: ConnectME only use its own MAC address as source address to output Ethernet packet, and only receive the packet which destination MAC address is its own address. What I can do to let ConnectME receive and transmit all raw Ethernet packets? Thanks