No sign of life excepted led's

Hi !

I just get a ConnectCore Wi-9c under Net+OS and I tested it a really few times before things began to go really wrong.

The problem is that with a simple basic code sample, I cannot see any output (like printf, etc.) during the debug mod. It seems like the thread that’s begins with the applicationStart function isn’t running at all.

However, the board still displays this few information :

[i]NET+OS Version 7.0
Copyright (c) 2000-2006, Digi International, Inc.

PLATFORM: connectcorewi9c_a
APPLICATION: Diagnostic FTP Server Application

IP address on LAN is
LAN interface’s subnet mask is
IP address of default gateway to other networks is
Wireless IP address is
Wireless subnet mask is
Wireless IP address of default gateway to other networks is
Wireless protocol mode is for access point (infrastructure) networks only
Wireless SSID is (search)
Wireless channel is (search)
Wireless transmit rate is 54
Wireless transmit power is 15dbm
Wireless multi domain capability (802.11d) disabled
Authentication type = Open System
Serial channels will use a baud rate of 9600
This board’s serial number is N99999999
This board’s Ethernet MAC Address is 00:40:9D:2E:5D:CD
This board’s Wireless MAC Address is 00:00:00:00:00:00
After board is reset, start-up code will wait 5 seconds
Default duplex setting for Ethernet connection: default

Press any key in 5 seconds to change these settings.

IAM - Got AUTO-CONFIGURED IPv6 address FE80::240:9DFF:FE2E:5DCD on interface eth0:3
IAM - Got STATIC IPv4 address on interface eth0
IAM - lost STATIC IPv4 address on interface eth0[/i]

I really don’t understand why I cannot get any other output. Does somebody have any idea about this situation ?

Yes sorry for the late information
I just started looking in to the forum.

Your MAC address for the board is set to 0, which needs to be reconfigured to a unique MAC address.

You can read the chapter troubleshooting in the NET-OS programming documentation or

Tun hyperterminal and power up the board, and there should be some response from the board on the screen Press enter within 5 seconds then enter password ‘netsilicon’ (probably), and step by step check the ip and MAC addresses, change to the address written onthe module for Wifi and then let it save and restart and you should be good to go
kind regards