Firmware upgrade usb/14 POST update

We want to upgrade the firmware on our Anywhere-USB/14 devices. OS is Windows 2008 and Windows 2012. It tells us about a POST upgrade that needs to be done first ? We cannot find any information on the Digi site about this.
Does anyone knows what this is about ?


Hi Richard

I don’t know if you already updated your device, I’ve updated mine from a very old firmware release (don’t remember the build but it was dated 2007) to the latest (downloaded here and i had no issues.

Now in the firmware section of the Web console it reads
Model: AnywhereUSB/14
Firmware: (build 82002081_G awusb14 eos 6/08/2012 6:46:51a)
POST: (release 82001552_A generic_travis hwdiag 11/09/2009)