Firmware upgrade

How do I upgrade the firmware on the ConnectME?

I will presume that we are discussing the upgrading of the Connect ME, running Digi’s firmware image. A discussion on firmware (application) updates of images built with the NET+Works Development Kit should be addressed in another message thread.

Below is a copy of a Digi support document covering the upgrade procedure:

Digi Connect EOS and Web Applet Update Procedure

There are two recommended methods for updating the EOS (Embedded Operating System) and the Web Applet:

  1. Via the web interface.
  2. Via the Digi Connect Programmer

The necessary files vary slightly, depending on which version you are updating from/to. If you possess a Digi Customization Kit (formally known as the Integration Kit), perform a check for updates, via the provided update tool. The current images for the POST, EOS and the web interface will be updated and are located in the “C:\Program Files\Digi Connect Customization Kit\factory_defaults\” (your precise path may vary).

For the sake of a well defined example, this document will take an update from the intial release A to release B.

Release A Contents
82000867_A.bin (POST)
82000856_A.bin (EOS)

Release B Contents
82000867_A.bin (POST)
82000856_B.bin (EOS)

Update procedure using the web interface:

Updating the EOS:

  1. Using your web browser, connect to the Administration page of the Digi Connect, i.e. HTTP:///admin/administration.htm.
  2. On the left-hand side of the screen select the link entitled “Update Firmware”.
  3. Using the Browse button, locate and select the new EOS file. Once selected the complete path and filename will be displayed in the “Select Firmware:” text field.
  4. Click on the “Update” button. This procedure may take a minute or two.
  5. Once the update has been completed you will be prompted to reboot the Digi Connect.
  6. Click the “Reboot” button.
  7. Once the device has been rebooted, you will have to reconnect to the Digi Connect manually.

Updating the Web File System:

  1. Reconnect to the admin/administration.htm page of your Digi Connect .
  2. On the the left-hand side of the screen select the link entitled “File Management”.
  3. Select all of the files currently listed under the ‘Managed Files’ banner.
  4. Click the “Delete” button.
  5. Using the “Browse” button select one of the updated web files. The order in which the files are uploaded is not important. NOTE: Only one file can be uploaded at a time. You cannot select multiple file for upload.
  6. Once a file has been selected, click the “Upload” button. Due to the significant size of the Java Applet files, the upload process may take a few minutes.
  7. Repeat steps 5-6 until all web files have been uploaded.
  8. Once all files have been loaded into the file system you can now use your web browser to access the Digi Connect’s configuration pages (e.g. HTTP://. NOTE: Occasionally it has been seen that you must clear out your browsers cache in order to successfully load the Java configuration interface.

Update procedure using the Digi Connect Programmer:

The Digi Connect Programmer (dgdcprog.exe) is a command-line driven Windows application. This tool is useful in case where either a web browser is unavailable or when going into device production and you have several Digi Connects in need or updating and/or configuration.
The Digi Connect Programmer makes use of the Digi Connect’s MAC address. You can determine the MAC address by looking at the sticker placed on the device itself, or via the Connect Programmer’s discovery function.

Discovering Digi Devices:

  1. From the “Digi Connect” program group, select ‘Digi Connect Programmer’. This will bring up a Command Prompt and execute the tool, displaying the help text.
  2. Type in the command ‘dgdprog /discover’. The result will be a triple column listing of all Digi devices responding to the discovery inquiry.
  3. Make note of the MAC address of the Digi Connect you will be updating, it will be utilized throughout the remainder of the update procedure.

Updating the EOS:

  1. Find and make note of the location the 82000867_B.bin file, in relationship to your working directory. For this example our updated firmware file is located in the ‘eos/’ directory of our current working directory.
  2. In order to upload the new firmware image to the Digi Connect, type the following command:

“dgdcprog /set /mac=00409dxxxxxx /firmware=eos/82000867_B.bin”

Where the ‘xxxxxx’ will be the last six digits of your device’s MAC address and ‘eos/’ will be replaced the relative pathname to the desired firmware file.

  1. Once the image has been successfully loaded into the Digi Connect a message to this effect will be printed to the screen.
  2. The Digi Connect must now be rebooted in order to load the new firmware image. Reboot the device with the following command:

“dgdcprog /reboot /mac=00409dxxxxxx”

  1. Once the Digi Connect has been rebooted the web file system can be updated

Updating the Web File System:

  1. To begin we must erase the current file system, to allow appropriate room for the updated files. To do this issue the follow command:

“dgcprog /set /mac=00409dxxxxxx /erasefs

  1. Now we can upload the updated web files. As in the updating of the firmware, we must know the precise location of the new web files.

The actual web file system upload can be accomplished in one of two ways.

  • File by file:


“dgdcprog /set /mac=00409dxxxxxx /file=wfs/config.ini”
Repeat this command for each file to be uploaded.

  • All files in a directory:


“dgdcprog /set /mac=00409dxxxxxx /dir=wfs”
This command will upload all of the files in the specified directory.

NOTE: Only files destined for the web file system should be in this directory.
3. Once the updated files have been uploaded they can be viewed from your browser.