Urgent: Firmware upgrade procedure through web interface


Can someone provide clear documentation on the firmware upgrade procedure via the web interface?

My configuration

Hardware: Digi Connect ME 9210
Firmware built with Digi ESP 7.5.2
Legacy units that had project built with Digi ESP 7.4
Browser: Chrome on Windows

Do release build of software project.
Browse to existing software project on digi device over http, click “Upload Firmware” link
Navigate to release folder
Upload “rom.bin”
See message saying reboot for changes to take effect
Without rebooting proceed to upload “image.bin”

Browser can’t find digi, and the Digi Connect M2 9210 module appears to remain offline.

Webpage seems to be stuck at

Firmware upgrade unsuccessful.

We have an urgent firmware release and I am trying to confirm and QA the upgrade path for end users. Any advice, tips, insight, pointers to documentation would be helpful.

Is there specific sequence that needs to be followed? Documentation of the best practices around firmware upgrade implementation? A procedure of rebooting or power cycling the device via the web interface?



Here is the User guide, http://www.digi.com/pdf/prd_ds_digiconnectfamily_usersguide.pdf

Refer similar forum post at the following link, http://forums.digi.com/support/forum/viewthread_thread,1796