Flarm GPS with DigiMesh API mode

We have an aproach we want to test.

There is one Base Station (A) and two moving targets (B and C which are Gliders)

The FLARM GPS unit transmit NMEA messages thorugh a serian port with an RJ45 attached to a USB Port.

We want that B and C broadcast constantly thier position, either to the base station or to the other glider. Or we can have the situation where the base station wants to message each FLARM.

What should be the xBee config to have the DigiMesh xBee broadcast every sentence they receive from the flarm to every xBee unit within the mesh?

We know the serial config of the Flarms (19200/8/N/1/N). We are working all xbees in API mode and we are using then XBP98-DM models (Function set PRO 900HP 200K).

Any help would be great.

Felipe Brito

Simple, you send the data to the Broadcast address of FFFF.

All units are in FFFF.
I have all 3 units connected, I can see them through XCTU, but the console for the local xBee (connected to my PC) does not read anything from the remote xBEE that is attached to the flarm

You need to take the radios out of API mode and set the baud rate on the radios to match the baud rate of the devices. In this case 19,200bps.