Flash works not correct

Hello!I use the flash M29DW128F from ST and have the problem, that sometimes i get an error when i check the flash if it is erased. when i check the sector with the offset (where the error was) i found 0xFF and so it is erased. the other problem is, that sometimes with the flash test bsp the write to the flash would be aborted after 2 or 3 and so on MB’s with the error -3 or -4. but at the main time the flash is not able to program the 1 MB and break with error -3 or -4. who knows what the problem is or which files and settings i have to check? Please help me but it’s urgent! Thanks a lot! Nice greeting Robert

Hi, I think this flash is not supported in the NetOS driver. You need to add this flash related data to flash driver as per the guidelines given in the BSP porting guide. Regards Gupta

Hy!I found the big mistake. It was just a hardware problem. The FLASH needs the GPIO66 as optional address line. If this GPIO is configured as the address line it must be pulled down extern with 10k because in the other case this line will float during addressing. Best regards, Robert

How did you find this? Is it in the documentation? I guess you are using NS9360, isn’t it?

Yes I’m using the NS9360. How I found it?! I read the HW documentation and before spend a lot of time in front of my scope. After all data and address lines watching I could see that the address line is sometimes floating. I put a pull down there and it was fixed.

I hope that I helped you!

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