ME9210 Failures - Why?

Recently there have been many failures with the ME9210s that we have in the field - they wipe themselves so that they don’t even blink the green LED on power up.

What’s going on?

maybe they have a newer flash chip and you are using old firmware which does not work correctly with new chip and does accidently erase something when trying to write to flash file system, NVRAM or firmware update?

what is your firmware and which version?
Is your firmware writing to flash?
You should open an Online Support request with Digi:

providing the 5500xxxx-yy Z product number, with revision character “Z” and the serial numbers (here: MAC) affected.

Sorry for forgetting the specifics.

NetOS 7.4 and the only writing we do is the built in filesystem and FTPing in image.bin files.

What is interesting is that we have never had this problem on the old straight ME where we write firmware directly to the flash. Also the 9210ME would die occasionally, but a simple reboot would fix it. Now they act like the program is gone, not even booting. I have three of these, two have been returned and recovered with the TFTP boot option (shorted pin 18), but the third is still in the field.