flashdrv command

I´ve continued trying with usb device, now I´d like to ask, about a command, flashdrv, I´ve read about it in http://www.digi.com/wiki/python/index.php/How_to_use_a_USB_Flash_drive_in_Python, but the command line response with this message
“error: command not found
type ? for help”

I´ve connected an USB Datatraveller Kingston device for this test, but I always get this message.
I have a Connect Port X8 Gateway so it must has included this command, need some help with this issue please.

It is my understanding that this new functionality was added in the 82001115_E revision of the X8 firmware. I am not certain, though, that this version is fully released.

The “info device” command displays the running firmware version, for verification purposes.

Thanks for your answer.
I´ve checked the firmware in the gateway and you were right, it´s (version 82001115_C), but now I have another question, with this version of firmware that I have, Can I use a USB Memory in the gateway? or I will have to update the firmware. Perhaps with this version there is another way to detect a USB Device connected in the ports of the gateway? using Python or in command line?
I´ll be thankful if you can answer me this.

The first drive on USB is given the “A” volume name.

It is my understanding that a file at its top level would be referred to as “A/filename”.

Simple testing for the existence of a file by attempting to open it (wrapped in a “try/except” block) is, I believe, the available method.

ok, I could do this. Thanks for help, sorry about my delay in answer